On Demand

New to Bowen Island! There is a shuttle service PILOT PROGRAM that will allow users to book a ride ON DEMAND from July 15 - Sept 15, 2019. Weekday evenings from 4:30pm - 9:30pm and weekends from 10am to 5:30pm. You will need to first DOWNLOAD the TapRide app from the App Store or Google Play. Select Bowen Island (Translink) system and create an account. Drop a PIN to set your pick-up and drop off locations. Track your bus’ arrival, hop on and pay the normal transit fare.

Scheduled BUS

The #280 Bluewater bus will meet most daytime ferries and will be waiting out front of the library, about 200ft from the ferry dock. The first stop is Artisan Square! The bus leaves immediately after ferry unloads, so don’t dilly dally! Click below to see the schedule:


Artisan Square (and Artisan Suites) is approximately 12-15 minutes of a walk from the ferry dock. Most of this is uphill so could pose a problem for those with injuries, high-heeled shoes or lots of luggage! It also might be a bit much from grandma. If you’re not feeling like a little hike, you should plan your arrival time to meet up with the bus, or if arriving on Friday or Saturday night, reserve a taxi in advance.



Getting to Bowen

Bowen Island has ONE taxi and it currently runs on Friday and Saturday nights. Its best to phone ahead and reserve your ride! Phone 604-250-TAXI (8294)

From the airport, we recommend taking the Canada Line Rapid Transit to downtown Vancouver, if you do not have a vehicle. You can then take the #257 Express Bus to Horseshoe Bay OR if you’re feeling too jet-lagged and don’t mind spending the extra money, take a taxi (APPROX. $50)
If you DO have a vehicle, turn on the GPS and head for Horseshoe Bay.

You can also take a Bowen commuter-designated bus which leaves downtown Vancouver at 3:45pm, 4:55pm, 6:05pm weekdays. These buses are timed to meet up with the Cormorant Marine Water Taxi in Horseshoe Bay. Follow a local!

BC Ferries - quite crucial to getting to the island! You need to take one if: you’re arriving no later than 10pm in Horseshoe Bay, you don’t know anyone with their own boat, you are not catching the commuter water taxi at peak hours, or you are not rich enough to hire your own plane.

Water taxi - arriving after 10pm??? A water taxi picks up in Horseshoe Bay Sunday - Thursday at 11:30pm and Friday & Saturday nights at 12:30am. If you miss this, you’re not getting to the island. :)

See all schedules here: